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Twinkly eyes are off out again

Twinkly eyes

Saoirse Sheridan is the Founder of Elderhomeshare and lives with Twinkly eyes on South Side Dublin as his home share companion, providing companionship and support at home, it's a total win-win.

Twinkly eyes went to a rugby match a few days ago in Donnybrook with his son. I love it when he goes out. Not that I want him out of the house but when a 97-year-old is off out to enjoy himself, it's kind of inspiring. Wrapped up in lots of sweaters and a warm coat with a tweed hat he was all set to go – an hour in advance.

He looked like he was bundled up for the north pole which turned out to be perfect as it started to lash rain when he went out the door. He turned 97 last month and with a few celebrations to attend including a swish night out in Roly's restaurant with his whole family, he proves that age does not have to be a barrier to having a good time. With a little support, most things are possible.

This evening neither of us are heading out, I’m sitting with him at the kitchen table listening to jazz on my headphones and doing some homework for New Frontiers. He’s listening to Irish music on his walkman and reading the Sunday Times. A scone for twinkly eyes and chocolate rice cakes for me, we are two chilled out happy campers’.



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Saoirse Sheridan 

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