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Homeowner Fees

The fee for the service is 950 euro this is paid in two instalments a non-refundable fee of 450 euro to join the home share platform we do not take payments until the reference from a medical professional has been provided. A further fee of 500 euro is paid when the match is sourced. If the companion moves out in the first year of the home share will source, you a new match at no extra cost this is dependent on a home share companion being a good fit for the senior needs. Home share companions generally contribute of 75 euro the home each month this is dependent on the location of the home for more isolated locations outside Dublin we advise not seeking out this contribution so as to optimise the opportunity to find a home share match.


Year two the fee to set up a second match if the companion has moved out is 650 euro.

Home Share Companion Fees

Home share companions pay Elder Home Share a monthly fee of 150 euro for access to the home share service. They generally make a monthly contribution of 75 euro to the family this is dependent on the location of the home and request from families for this contribution.