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Saoirse Sheridan, Elder Home Share Founder,  interview with Sinead Ryan

The Home Show, NewsTalk, 23rd March 2019.

Elder Home Share is a solution which allows older homeowners to continue to live at home with a greater degree of security at night, companionship and help with practical tasks such as light housework and shopping. For responsible caring people who are seeking accommodation, it is an affordable living situation in exchange for sleeping in the house 6 nights a week and providing 8 hours a week companionship and support – it’s a win-win!

Our platform connects families seeking ‘home share companions’ with people seeking accommodation. Before families can connect with potential candidates they provide a reference from a medical professional outlining that their loved one would be suitable and benefit from this solution; likewise when families have selected a candidate for the home share, Elder Home Share will carry out a reference check on the companion and can arrange for Garda vetting too at the request of the family.

Elder Home Share provides the family with a robust home share agreement which outlines house rules and expectations. Both the family and the home share companion sign off on this when a match is made, and the reference check is complete. There is a one month trial live in to ensure that it is working for all parties.

For the elderly person living alone and their concerned family, the home sharing solution proves a rewarding way to provide a level of support in the home. Home share companions provide support to the elderly person by spending quality time together, keeping the house tidy, and going to the shop. It is not a solution to personal care but can reduce the need and expense of traditional care service, extending life at home.

We have been successfully matching elderly homeowners and home share companions since January 2016.

The Home Show With Sinead Ryan - Elder Home Share Interview
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Its kept mum at home and given us peace of mind

Peace of mind, companionship and support at home for your loved one  

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