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  • We are considering a home share companion what do we need to know?
    Home share companions provide security in the home, especially at night, can help with light housework, and spend quality time with the homeowner. If your elderly loved one is feeling nervous in the house by themselves, has recently had a fall or been bereaved, having an Elder Home Share companion in the home will add a buffer of new support both from their presence in the home and from the formation of a new and positive relationship. The simple fact of having someone there who can raise the alarm in an emergency and spot issues has proven to be of real value to our past and current clients. Call now to learn more 087 13 85 628
  • Will the home share companion help in the home and how?
    Yes, there is a needs assessment which you will find on the online registration form, each family can give a preference for what they are looking for from an Elder Home Share companion. Generally, companions would be responsible for light housework, running errands, and spending time with the homeowner, this practice help, and companionship can reduce the need for professional care but is not designed to replace it. From experience the companionship and support of the companion adds a new layer of support and interaction in the home, giving both the homeowner and their family peace of mind.
  • How do I know that the companion will be a good fit?
    Elder Home Share works to find you the best possible match by giving you a list of different companion profiles to choose from. You select which companions you would like to meet with and talk to in person to ensure that they will be a good fit. After this, Elder Home Share reference checks whichever companion you choose and sends the feedback notes to you from the conversation with the people providing the references. Instinctively, when meeting a potential match, you will get a good sense of how you feel about the person, it's good to trust your instincts and ask lots of questions to get a good idea of their personality and day to day routine. Our process outlines that you have an initial chat on the phone, if this goes well progressing to a face to face meeting in a public place such as a café is the next step and then introducing them to your parent.
  • Do home share companions pay rent or bills?
    Home share companions do not pay rent or bills. They are there to provide 10 hours a week in security and companionship in exchange for a safe and comfortable place to live. Our robust Elder Home Share agreement which has been reviewed by A & L Goodbody solicitors is designed to be protective of all parties outlining house rules and expectations.
  • Do home share companions have qualifications to care for the elderly?
    Home share companions are not professional carers and do not carry out personal care duties. However, if the homeowner is sick or in case of an emergency, they will contact the homeowner’s family or doctor and provide practical support.
  • Is there a test period to make sure that it is a good match?
    The first month is a trial month to see if the match is a good fit for both parties and decide if the living arrangement is working. Elder Home Share will check in with you at the end of the first week with a call and again at the end of the first month to see how everything is going. We send a monthly email to check in on how everything is going and an option to schedule a call. You are always welcome to pick up the phone or email Elder Home Share if there is anything you want to discuss or need advice on.
  • What do I need to provide to find a home share match?
    Family's looking for a home share companion for an elderly loved one, need to provide the following documents: A letter of recommendation from a doctor or community health nurse. This ensures that the home owner has the temperament and current level of health to benefit from a home share companion being in the home. 'Authority of Notice' a document which gives the next of kin legal permission to work on behalf of the home owner to source a match. Pictures of the bedroom and shared living space.
  • What do I do if my companion is not following the Home Share Agreement?
    If you have any concerns about the behaviour of the home share companion and are not able to resolve it by talking with them directly, you can call Elder Home Share who will provide guidance to solve the issue. We provide on going customer service for the duration of the Elder Home Share match.
  • How does the background check work for the home share companions?
    The reference check is carried out when you have selected a potential match. Elder Home Share asks for three references form the home share companion - from a place of employment, university or voluntary role and follows up each reference with a phone call. We share the references and notes from the calls with the family. If you are happy with the reference check we can progress with the match and will forward the Elder Home Share Agreement to you and the home share companion for your automated signatures. Elder Home Share does not have access to Garda vetting.
  • If a companion is from another country, are they reference checked in that country?
    Elder Home Share will follow up on three character references they can be both from the country of origin or Ireland.
  • What kind of support do you offer during the match period?
    Elder Home Share prides it’s self on providing prompt follow up to customer questions via email or phone. For the duration of the match we are available to provide advice on any issues that may arise with the match. We check in on a monthly basis with a community email and the opportunity to schedule a call.
  • When did you start doing matches?
    Elder Home Share facilitated its first match in January 2016 and has been working with families ever since. Most of our home owners are in there 80’s and 90’s and often have a level of dementia so this is not an issue for us when working with families.
  • What if my elderly loved one goes into a nursing home?
    If the home owner’s needs change and they are at a stage where full time care is needed, and an Elder Home Share match is no longer the appropriate solution, families will give the companion a minimum of one months’ notice so they can find alternative accommodation. Elder Home Share has often been successful in finding a new match for the companion but can not guarantee this. It’s not uncommon for a companion to be given between 6 weeks to 2 months to find a new place to live by the family but as outlined in the Elder Home Share agreement it’s a notice period of one month.
  • What happens if the companion is not the right fit or moves out and we still need a match?
    If the companion is not the right fit you can bring the match to a close with a one months notice period and we can help you to find a new match. If they themselves need to move on because of a change in their own circumstances Elder Home Share will source you a new match.
  • What is your Privacy Policy GDPR practice?
    Please click though on the link provided to review our privacy policy Saoirse Sheridan who came up with the idea for Elder Home Share when she was given notice to move out of her rented accommodation in 2015, home shared with David 98 from April 2016 to April 2018. She is now in her second home share match and continues to have a friendship and visit David in his nursing home, most recently to celebrate his 100th Birthday on the 18th of January 2020. If you would like to talk directly with Saoirse now to learn more about Elder Home Share, please call 087 13 85 628.
Elderhomeshare on the Pat Kenny Show

Elderhomeshare on the Pat Kenny Show

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