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Homeowner/Family FAQ

Why should I get a home share companion?

Home share companions provide security in the home, especially at night, do light house work, and spend quality time with the homeowner.

How will the home share companion help me in my home?

Every home share arrangement is slightly different and can be negotiated.  The home share companion is not there to carry out lots of work or replace the role of a professional carer. Generally, companions would be responsible for light housework, running errands, and spending time with the homeowner.

How do I know that the companion will be a good fit?

Elder Home Share works to find you the best possible match by giving you a list of different companion profiles to choose from. You select which companions you would like to meet with and talk to in person to ensure that they will be a good fit. After this, Elder Home Share reference checks whichever companion you pick and sends the results to you. If you still aren’t completely sure, a Garda vetting can be done as well.

Do home share companions pay rent? 

Financially it made perfect sense

Customer service and support

Home share companions do not pay rent. They are there to provide security and companionship in exchange for a safe and comfortable place to live. 

Do home share companions have qualifications to care for the elderly?


They do not. Home share companions are not professional carers and are not required to carry out caring duties. However, if the homeowner is sick, they will contact the homeowner’s family or doctor.



Is there a test period to make sure that it is a good match? 


We suggest a test period of one month so you can both decide if the living arrangement is working.


What do I need to provide to find a home share match?



Family's looking for a home share companion need to provide two documents.


  1. A letter of recommendation from a doctor or community health nurse.

    1. This ensures that the home owner has the temperament and current level of health to benefit from a home share companion being in the home.

  2. A Utility bill with proof of address and the homeowner’s name

    1. This confirms the homeowner’s address


What do I do if my companion is not following the Home Share Agreement?


If you have any concerns about the behavior of your companion, and are not able to resolve it by talking with them directly, you can call Elder Home Share who will provide guidance to solve the issue.



How does the background check process work for the home share companions?


All home share companions go through a reference checking process. Elder Home Share receives references and follows up on the references through phone calls. Additionally, Garda vetting can be done at the request of the family of the homeowner.


Do all home share companions have Garda Vetting?


Garda vetting is available at the request of the family of the homeowner.


If a companion is from another country, are they vetted in that country?

They are not; Garda vetting only covers their activities in Ireland. But, they are still reference checked by Elder Home Share.



What is your Privacy Policy GDPR practice?


Please click though on the link provided to review our privacy policy



Saoirse Sheridan who came up with the idea for Elder Home Share when she was given notice to move out of her rented accommodation in 2015, home shared with David 98 from April 2016 to April 2018.  She is now in her second home share match and continues to have a friendship and visit David in his nursing home.

What it's not?

Elder Home Share is not a care service for seniors - it is not designed to replace the role of a carer.  It does suggest there is value for older home owners who live alone and would like someone else in the house for security and company. It can be a positive solution and meet specific needs of senior and elderly people living alone.


Likewise for the accommodation seeker, it is not a regular rental situation where you have the freedom to behave as you would if renting in standard accommodation. There are certain restrictions and expectations that go with home sharing as a home share companion  through Elder Home Share, however, your personal space, privacy and independence are still your own.