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Side By Side Intergenerational Home Share

I just had a first-month check-in call with a new match in Cork and it has totally cheered me up. The companion shared with me that she and the lady she lives with made leak and potato soup together yesterday. I love the idea of the two of them side by side preparing the soup and getting to know each other and enjoying social time together. I have been matching older homeowners - usually, people who are in their 80’s or 90s with younger professionals since January 2016. This successful formula of Intergenerational living has proved to be a win-win for both the homeowner who wants to continue to live at home but needs a little extra support for that to be possible and also for the person who moves in. Families primarily reach out to me to ensure the homeowner is safe at night time but second to that is the social benefit of the intergenerational living arrangement.

Homesharing and Intergenerational Living
Homesharing and Intergenerational Living

Intergenerational living refers to housing arrangements where people from different generations live together, such as elderly individuals living with younger people. Social interaction between the different generations is one of the main benefits of intergenerational living. Here are some of the benefits of social interaction in intergenerational living:

1. Improved mental health: Social interaction with people of different ages can improve mental health, reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, and provide a sense of purpose and meaning. For many of our homeowners, they are no longer able to leave the house by themselves so having an elder home share companion in the home increases social contact on a daily.

2. Enhanced cognitive function: Interacting with people of different ages can help stimulate cognitive function, improve memory, and enhance problem-solving skills. The daily social contact with a home-share companion talking about your day, discussing topics of interest or just a good old gossip over a cup of tea is stimulating and important for well-being.

3. Mutual learning: Intergenerational living provides opportunities for mutual learning, where both younger and older individuals can learn from each other's experiences and perspectives. As a home share companion for many years, I introduced Elizabeth who I lived with for a year to Netflix – she loves it. Likewise, when I lived with David he shared many interesting stories from times gone by about life in Dublin.

4. Stronger sense of community: Intergenerational living can foster a stronger sense of community and connection among residents, leading to greater social support and a sense of belonging.

Overall, social interaction in intergenerational living can provide numerous benefits for individuals of all ages, including improved mental and physical health, enhanced cognitive function, mutual learning, stronger social skills, and a stronger sense of community. I am touched when I hear stories like the one I heard today about the match in Cork making soup together and can say from personal experience too that I have shared many a good conversation with the homeowners I have had the luck to home share with.

If you would like to learn more about Elder Home Share and how it can be of benefit to an older person living alone please reach out today or visit our How It Works Page to learn more.



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