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Mobility Issues: How a Home Share Companion Can Help

Mobility issues can significantly impact the lives of elderly individuals. Having a home share companion in the home can be of significant support if a homeowner is struggling with mobility issues. These issues can include difficulty walking, balance problems, muscle weakness, joint pain, and more. Here are some ways mobility issues can affect the elderly:

  1. Increased risk of falling: Mobility issues can increase the risk of falling, which can lead to serious injuries and complications. Having a home share companion in the home can be a quick intervention to help and support the homeowner.

  2. Loss of independence: Mobility issues can make it difficult for the elderly to perform daily tasks independently, such as getting dressed, preparing meals, or running errands. Home share companions do not help with personal care such as getting dressed or undressed but they do assist with shopping and snack preparation, picking up things that drop on the floor or running errands.

  3. Social isolation: Mobility issues can also limit the ability of the elderly to participate in social activities, leading to isolation and feelings of loneliness. The presence of a home share companion coming and going and spending time with the homeowner reduces loneliness and social isolation

  4. Reduced physical activity: Mobility issues can make it difficult for the elderly to engage in physical activity, leading to a decline in overall physical health and an increased risk of chronic conditions.

  5. Negative impact on mental health: Mobility issues can also impact the mental health of an elderly, causing feelings of anxiety, depression, and frustration. The positive impact of having a home share companion in the home and from my own direct experience too having home shared for 6 plus years is that both the homeowner and home share companion benefit from the friendship that is formed. We all need connections and friendships for our mental health.

Elder Home Share Founded in 2015 has been successfully matching homeowners with home share companions since January 2016. Most of our homeowners would have mobility issues and having a home share companion in the home has proven to be very beneficial from a safety and social support perspective. If you are concerned about an elderly loved one living alone please reach out to us to find out more.

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To address mobility issues in the elderly, here are some strategies that can help:

  1. Exercise and physical therapy: Engaging in regular exercise and physical therapy can help improve mobility, strength, and balance.

  2. Assistive devices: The use of assistive devices such as canes, walkers, and wheelchairs can help improve mobility and reduce the risk of falling.

  3. Home modifications: Modifying the home environment to make it more accessible and safe can help the elderly with mobility issues to perform daily tasks more independently.

  4. Social support: Encouraging the elderly with mobility issues to engage in social activities and providing social support can help reduce isolation and improve mental health.

Overall, addressing mobility issues in the elderly is important to improve their overall quality of life and reduce the risk of complications. Alone, Age Action and Friends of the Elderly all have information on group activities available to support our elderly loved one's. To review our homeowner FAQ page click here



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