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Peace of Mind for your loved one

"We have overall had a very positive experience with Elder Home Share. I really can't recommend them highly enough to provide peace of mind to the family of a loved one."
 - Nessa, October 2020




We provide peace of mind for elderly citizens to continue to live at home by matching them with a responsible reference checked accommodation seeker 'home share companion'.  Companions provide companionship and support in exchange for a place to live. With monthly check-ins,  a trial live in month, Garda Vetting and Covid-19 testing of the companion your loved one is in safe hands. Elder Home Share is an affordable effective home support solution for your elderly loved one.  Our Home Share Agreement has been reviewed by A&L Good Body Solicitors to ensure participants are aware of expectations and that it is a legally solid agreement protective of both the home owner and the home share companion. We are proud to be Dublin's first home share service. 




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Agree on and sign the Home Share Agreement with your chosen Homeshare Companion

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Respond to notifications to home share and meet with potential matches

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Agree on and sign the Home Share Agreement with your chosen home share family

Start the trial live in home share month to see if it works for both parties


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"Our experience has been a very positive one. Her presence provides all of us with a reassurance that would otherwise not be possible. Our dad is enjoying the company and help of his companion and we, his family, are very appreciative of being able to rely on her too."  - Cathy, Dundrum. 


"Overall very good match. Appears honest and trust worthy and provides peace of mind that my father had someone to look out for him in case of emergency during the night." - Eddie, Stillorgan. 


"Mum was looking for company at night. She doesn't feel safe staying in the house on her own. Her companion is a perfect match as she is in college during the day and home at night. It works well as they are company for each other and still they have their own space." - Michael, Trim, Co meath


"I'd be lost without her" - Homeowner, 98, Dundrum, read what David our eldest client thinks about Elder Home Share

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