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Celebrating 100th Birthday with Home Share Match

Elder Home Share has been matching up elderly homeowners with reference checked accommodation seekers since 2015. We are happy to be Dublin’s first and most affordable home share service for the elderly. There are a number of benefits of having a home share companion in the home. It can be daunting to get started and open up to the idea of having someone move into the house, but the success of the solution speaks for itself: read our reviews here.

Xianxian joins Quinnie's 100th birthday party as a home share companion.

Quinnie celebrated her 100th birthday this month with her family and friends and also with her Elder Home Share companion Xianxian at her side too.

I have home shared myself though my own business for four years plus and have seen from direct experience the social, practical and critical safety benefits of having a younger person in the home. When I lived with David we would enjoy a meal with each other three to four evenings a week and I would do some light house work and shopping for David too. He fell one night and was unable to get up off the floor, but having me there meant that I was able to intervene and what could have been a serious problem was quickly resolved. More recently I lived with Rita who is 90. She very quickly got used to knowing I was there at night and felt great peace of mind knowing she was not in the house at night by herself. We also enjoyed an evening chat cup of tea and a few biscuits a few evenings during the week. This extra social contact in her life gave her a boost and also cheered me up too – I loved when I was able to make Rita laugh.

Elder Home Share is solving a nationwide problem with its two-sided solution: security and company for older homeowners and an affordable place to live for people looking for accommodation. It’s lovely to hear the positive feedback from families and companions on how the matches are going. This month we have a new match in Cork and Dublin and both hit the ground running. What can feel like a daunting new decision and a big change is proving to be highly successful and organic for both the homeowner and the home share companion and brings incredible peace of mind for the family of the homeowner.

To find out more contact Elder Home Share we would love to hear from you!



Elder Home Share at Social Entrepreneurs Award 2018

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