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Affordable Elder Home Share Fees

“The average charge rate for public nursing homes is €1,564 a week” claims The Irish Times. That rounds up to €75,000 a year! But is it really the right time to consider a nursing home? Decisions around considering nursing homes as the next step solution for our parents are on the agenda, but is this really what is needed or right at this time? Would a little extra care during the day or evening, and someone sleeping in the house at night, suffice?

Elder Home Share talks to families every week who are concerned about an elderly loved one who is living alone and is keen to support homeowners who want to continue to live at home with the support of an Elder Home Share companion. How exactly does it work? Both the homeowner and the home share companion pay a monthly fee of 150 euro to Elder Home Share for the duration of the match. In high-demand locations, the home share companion also pays a monthly contribution of 75 euro to the homeowner. There is no onboarding fee, and the first month is free for homeowners to allow them to test the service.

Amazing service from start to finish. A brilliant initiative for those looking for an affordable and effective care solution for their families, and an equally impressive opportunity for responsible, caring adults to find an affordable housing option and make a deep connection with a wonderful new housemate.” says Will S.

Xianxian and Quinnie Home Share Match - affordable Elder Home Share service.

Having just moved to Dublin to continue my studies, I was disheartened at the lack of decent, affordable accommodation available. A friend of mine had heard of and passed along the information to me. I was lucky enough to find a suitable homeowner within a few days and luckier still to find a suitable place in a matter of weeks” Rachel, a Home Share Companion.

It is a definite cost-saving solution for both a homeowner and a companion. One gets peace of mind when another can easily budget expenses. It is truly amazing how home sharing brings up a win-win situation both from a cost and financial stress points. Nursing homes definitely have their place in our lives as we age but what we see, from working with our clients, there is no place like home and it’s our goal to extend the quality of life at home, through the Elder Home Share service.

If you’re concerned about an elderly loved one living alone, contact us today to find out more: Elder Home Share



Elder Home Share at Social Entrepreneurs Award 2018

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