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Touching Home Share Story

Noirin Sheahan reached out to Elder Home Share two years ago to find a Elder Home Share match for her mum she share's her experience of having a home share companion in the house with her mum for two years. You will be delighted with this touching home share story.

Sadly, my mum died in January, at 93 years of age. We started looking for a companion two years previously, when mum was feeling frail after a long stay in hospital. Although I was living with her much of the year, I spend long periods in Wales and we both thought it would be best for someone else to be staying in the house overnight while I was away. We met Yvonne who was the first person on Saoirse's short-list. Mum liked her immediately and Yvonne remained mum's companion until her death.

Marie Noirin's mum
Below Picture of Marie Noirin's much loved mum

Yvonne's presence made all the difference to mum's final years, especially while I was away or out for the evening. She always enjoyed Yvonne's homecoming in the evenings, when they would chat about their days, or the books they were reading or whatever was being reported in the news. It also let mum feel very safe at night, knowing Yvonne was there to help in case of any problem. Yvonne was also able to help with many important tasks such as organising medication, doctors visits etc. My mum was genuinely fond of Yvonne and was always keen to include her in any outings, parties or family gatherings.

Yvonne's presence was also invaluable for me. It meant I could go away to Wales for a month or more, knowing mum would be safe and well cared for at home and would not feel lonely or isolated there.

I will be forever grateful to Saoirse and Elder Home Share for helping mum to live her final years at home, and bringing the joy of companionship in those last years.

If you are considering an elderly loved one living alone and would like to have a companion to support their independence in their own home please reach out to learn more: Elder Home Share

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