Silent movies and a dead mouse

Guess what my housemate who is 96 and awesome was telling me over dinner this evening about going to the silent movies, I couldn't believe it, silent movies - wow. The piano man would play during the film and when the baddie would hide behind the door on screen, and the goodie would come in, someone in the audience would enviably shout out 'he's behind the door' hilarious we both roared with laughter.

The vilain boards the train

A few nights ago, we had to put a mouse trap down. Well he did, I would be too squeamish to do that, and I'm not sure if I could convince him to get one of those traps where you put the live mouse back out in the garden.

The next morning I saw a dead mouse for the first time in my life, I quickly averted my eyes and started wondering if we could have a funeral in the garden, again I kept this notion to myself.

The good thing about this cross-generational living is that everything you might have to do by yourself is shared, and this makes life easier and more enjoyable. My housemate removed the mouse from the trap and wrapped it up in a newspaper. I put on my pink rubber gloves and bought furry out to the bin; I did say a little prayer for his or her little soul. In France, this kind of shared living experience is well established, as the Founder of Elderhomeshare I am very happy to be living the Elderhomeshare vision, and I must say I am enjoying it very much.

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