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A home share love of detective series and find a dream match!

Grainne kennedy has been home sharing for a number of months now as a Elder Home Share companion to a home owner on South Side Dublin, here she shares her experience and we thank her for giving us the opportunity to find her dream Elder Home Share match.

I recently returned home after many years of living abroad. I had heard so many horror stories about the cost of accommodation in Ireland and the lack of availability that when I started looking at coming home I decided to take a bit of an alternative route.

I was encouraged to join Elder Home Share as I had had a great experience with a similar organisation abroad, that time I lived with a fantastic lady in her 90’s, and I was thrilled to see similar arrangements set up in Ireland.

A successful match between a homeowner and a companion

The day I got my job I rang Saoirse to see if she had any homesharing opportunities and lucky for me, another homesharer had been unable to go ahead with a match so I stepped in. Within a week I had met the lady I now live with, three weeks later we started a trial and since then I have been happily living in my new home; exploring my new city and starting a new life.

My homesharer is a lovely lady in her 80’s. We enjoy each other’s company and share a love of detective series and crosswords. Every now and again we have a chat about what works or doesn’t in our living situation, usually there isn’t much that we need to change but it’s still good to check in.

Saoirse is there for me or for the family at all times. I really felt supported through the process. I highly recommend Elder Home Share.



Elder Home Share at Social Entrepreneurs Award 2018

Saoirse Sheridan 

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