My House Mate is 96 and awesome!

When did you give up smoking? I asked last night over dinner at the kitchen table '1946' he said. Wow! It's not every day you hear that I thought, just more cool things about living with someone who has been around for a while. We have been living together for a month now and have developed a flexible routine, and I think we are both happy with the mutual support and sharing of our resources, his high power lawnmower my high power stamina. His lovely home, my appetite for tidying up. Our mutual chatty nature makes us a good match, unfortunately, I'm not much use when it comes to rugby and soccer no great chat for him when it comes to that topic. But I do love to hear about his life and moments in our collective history, that he has witnessed and been part of either directly when Kennedy came to Dublin, or Indirectly when Apollo circled the moon. He watched it with his mate down in a local pub, no tweeting and liking it on Facebook then. #homeshare #elderycare #elderysupport #homesharescheme #elderhomeshare #homecarecompanionsdublin My House Mate is 96 and awesome, he is proving to be very enjoyable, and stable too. It's actually how I imagined it would be when I was dreaming up this business idea 18 months ago at another kitchen table with another housemate. I've moved nine times in those 18 months staying with family and friends 'room hopping'. As someone who can't afford Dublin rents, and doesn't want to pay them either, it's all a bit toxic. I'm glad to say I've landed on my feet with my Elderhomeshare housemate, and I've started up a business too. Elderhomeshare matches up vetted reliable and friendly tenants to live with elderly homeowners creating a win-win for both parties. Security and company at home for seniors and elderly. Affordable cross-generational living and sharing for tenants.

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