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Joseph, intern at Elder Home Share

Joseph intern at Elder Home Share

This week Joseph started working as an intern at Elder Home Share with the wonderful Saoirse Sheridan, IADT alumni and founder of Elderhomeshare.

Elderhomeshare aims to match up home share companions with elderly homeowners, providing the home share companion with a place to stay in exchange for their time and companionship with the elderly homeowner. It's a win-win for both and proving to be very successful

What started out as IADT liaison, advertising the innovative start-up to IADT student quickly blossomed like a flower in spring with a result of a desk in Fumbally Exchange.

Today was a good day. I really enjoyed my time here. So much so that I didn’t feel the time pass by and before I knew it, it was time to leave.

I was put to work the moment I walked through the door and I really appreciated it. There was no hand-holding, I was able to use the skills that I already had and started to build new ones too.

The game plan, for now, is to promote Elderhomeshare on social media and to create a video in time for Christmas for the website and social media! I can tell that Saoirse is very excited about it as she describes it as a “Crown Jewel”.

So, for the video, I’m tasked with finding a filmmaker to work on the project. We are currently considering budding filmmakers to find the next Stanley Kubrick to assist in the filming of the video.

If anybody knows an elderly person who might benefit from having a home share companion, please feel free to get in touch. with Saoirse on 0871385628.

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Elder Home Share at Social Entrepreneurs Award 2018

Saoirse Sheridan 

Founder and CEO

Home Share Companion

Elder Home Share

Fumbally Exchange

Argus House, Blackpitts,

Merchants Quay, Dublin

Tel: 087 13 85 628

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