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Introducing New Home Share Companion Page

Happy Christmas season to all! In this festive time, we are trying to celebrate our home sharing community more than ever. Starting in December 2021, we have introduced an exciting new feature on our website: A new companion profiles page that showcases some of the many companions looking for a match.

We know how important security is when it comes to finding a home share match. That’s why we want to give you a look into real potential companions, so you have an idea of who will be staying with your elderly loved one. If you find someone on the page that sparks your interest, let us know! We would be more than happy to help you connect.

We will be continuously adding more companion profiles to the page in order to represent the diverse selection of companions that are seeking a match. Be sure to check back to browse more profiles.

Home Share Companion Profile

At Elder Home Share, we are committed to finding the best home share companion to provide companionship and security for your elderly loved one at home. Home sharing is a win-win solution that allows for elderly homeowners to have someone to keep them company and help with tasks around the home, and allows working professionals to live in a nice home for an affordable price. With Elder Home Share, you will be guided through the matching process and get to meet with several companions before you settle on the perfect fit. We are always delighted to answer any questions you may have.

Our customers can speak to the benefits of home sharing. One next of kin commented, “Having the support of Elder Home Share took a huge amount of stress and worry off our shoulders.” Finding a care solution can be expensive, difficult, and stressful. We aim to ease that burden and make sure that you can relax at night knowing that your elderly loved one has someone to support them in-person. Our customers also tell us about the great bonds that the matches form. Another next of kin said that the companion “forged a great friendship with my mum and stayed in touch - even visiting her in the nursing home where she moved to recently.” Home sharing is more than just a convenient housing situation--it allows people to connect on a personal level. If you’d like to read more customer testimonials, click here.

We hope that you enjoy the new page and have a great time with family over the holidays. In order to get started with Elder Home Share, register online today here.



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