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PS.. I Home Share You! ❤️

It’s no secret that our elderly loved ones have really felt the effects of COVID19. Between 3 lockdowns and the sheer sense of worry and panic around stepping foot outside the door, it's been a tough year. We at Elder Home Share are so happy that we could help some of our elderly population by providing them with someone they can laugh, chat and share a cup of tea with. Our service provides peace of mind for elderly citizens to continue to live at home by matching them with a responsible reference checked accommodation seeker 'home share companion'.

Minnie (95) and Nadine, a bright duo, have waltzed through lockdown together. Minnie has been kept smiling by Nadine's presence around the home and Nadine’s heart warmed with stories of Minnie's dancing days. Minnie’s children have been ever so grateful of Nadine’s companionship, taking a huge weight off their shoulders. This pair are only one of our many successful and happy matches who have been enlightened with the major benefits of Elder Home Share.

Minnie and Nadine through lockdown

Alone Ireland have stated that 70% of calls they’ve received over the past year have been people lonely, living alone. Two-thirds of these are people over the age of 70. At Elder Home Share we are making it our mission to help the elderly as much as possible and save them from loneliness. We believe that no one deserves to feel lonely and everyone deserves a friend.

Founder, Saoirse Sheridan has home-shared herself with David, who is now 101. She began Elder Home Share in 2016 and since then received the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland award in 2018 for the service that solves two problems with one solution.

Wishing all our matches a happy lock down Valentine's day and very best to Nadine and Minnie an inspiration to us all!

Find your dream home share match visit Elder Home Share its a win-win!



Elder Home Share at Social Entrepreneurs Award 2018

Saoirse Sheridan 

Founder and CEO

Home Share Companion

Elder Home Share

Fumbally Exchange

Argus House, Blackpitts,

Merchants Quay, Dublin

Tel: 087 13 85 628

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