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Happy Home Share with you!

I have been living with Rita now for a month and it’s been a lovely experience. This is the first time I have lived with someone with memory issues and the third time I have lived with someone in their 90’s. It’s been a learning curve of understanding. Making Rita laugh is something I really like to do. If I get a chuckle out of her I am delighted with myself. Home share companions provide companionship and support at home to elderly homeowners who live alone, in exchange for a place to live – it’s a win-win and has proven itself again and again. Furthermore, it brings great peace of mind to the family of the elderly person, who now know there is someone in the house at night in case of an emergency, more company for mum or dad and someone to help out with light housework and shopping.

For Rita knowing that I am sleeping in the back room at night has brought her great peace of mind too. Each night we sit down together for a cup of tea and a chat, this extra social contact in her day is proving to make the day a little more interesting, social and reduce time alone as we move into the long winter nights.

As the Founder of Elder Home Share and as a home share companion too I am delighted with my match with Rita. I have a lovely little room and feel very comfortable in her home with her. After our first month I think we have found good support in each other, long may it continue.

Concerned about an elderly loved one living alone reach out to us to find out more it’s a win-win! Dublin’s first and Ireland’s most affordable home-share service.

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Elder Home Share at Social Entrepreneurs Award 2018

Saoirse Sheridan 

Founder and CEO

Home Share Companion

Elder Home Share

Fumbally Exchange

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Merchants Quay, Dublin

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