Elderhomeshare Intern

Elderhomeshare Intern


My name is Leonor Alcaraz-Guzman and I am a rising sophomore and an intended computer science major at the University of California Berkeley. This summer I have been interning for Elderhomeshare, a home share solution that pairs elder homeowners, who seek company and assistance with minor tasks, with younger tenants that would benefit from cheaper rent. This business idea isn't something I'd see back home; elders either go to an elder home, live on their own, or move in with their elder children. In my hometown of Merced, California I have seen couples renting out their room to students, but these couples were renting out rooms for the sole purpose of making a little extra income. They didn't want/need the companionship homeowners seek through Elderhomeshare. I believe this is what makes Elderhomeshare so special, it's able to create a relationship between both customers as opposed to making it just a monetary interaction. Not only does it foster friendship between the customers, but also between the customers and the founder, Saoirse Sheridan.

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When I first arrived at my internship I hoped to gain insight into the job of a programmer, although I didn't do any programming related jobs, I still believe this was an extremely beneficial internship. During my time here I've witnessed what it takes to start your own business, the hardships you must endure in order to see it thrive. I never seriously considered starting my own business, mostly because I have no idea what I could possibly create, but if I was ever to come up with a million dollar idea I now know what to realistically expect. It's not a glamorous job, it requires hours of hard work, sometimes with no results; but if you believe in your idea and you're passionate about it, success will follow.

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