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Elder Home Share? When Mum Says No..

Hello, so you are reading this blog because the title stood out and you are wondering how to bring up the topic of home sharing with an elderly parent or loved one. Be reassured that most seniors when presented with the idea of 'a stranger moving into their home' say no initially. However, most do come around, if not straight away then within a few weeks or months. Keeping the conversation light is a good approach or if possible having the family GP suggest the idea of home sharing has proven to be a more convincing source. If you are keen to secure a match for your elderly mum or dad, if you are struggling with getting mum on board with the concept, remember to let the idea sink in, and if you get a clear no then respect that and leave the idea for a few months. You can always bring the idea up at a later date - when the nights start to get darker you may find your mum or dad more open to the idea. If you want to have a chat with me please reach out too. Below I have listed some of the benefits that having a secure presence in the house at night has to offer. It's the number one reason people reach out to Elder Home Share to secure a match for a loved one. Security at night followed by companionship as loneliness can be a daily factor for many seniors living alone. Sharing some of these benefits with your elderly loved one may encourage them to open up to the idea of having someone move in. That someone usually becomes a trusted friend and support which is the special magic of home sharing. Check out some of our home-share companions on our companion profile page it is a great ice breaker, perhaps showing a few to your mum or dad as seeing a person instead of just having it all in the mind can be very helpful and reduce fear and anxiety about the whole idea.

Minnie and Nadine Elder Home Share Match 2019

Security at night top reasons to have a home-share companion in the home

  1. Presence of a Companion: The presence of a home sharer can provide a sense of security and peace of mind for your elderly mum during the nighttime hours. Knowing that someone else is in the home can help alleviate fears of potential intruders or emergencies.

  2. Emergency Assistance: In case of an emergency during the night, having a home sharer present can be invaluable. They can quickly respond to any urgent situations, such as a fall, medical issue, or unexpected event, and provide immediate assistance or contact the necessary help, such as calling emergency services.

  3. Prompt Response to Alarms or Disturbances: If your mum has a security system, smoke detector, or other alarm systems in her home, a home sharer can help ensure a swift response if any alarms are triggered. They can help assess the situation, address any potential threats, and alert the necessary authorities or emergency services if required.

It's important to note that while home sharing can provide an additional layer of security, it's still essential to take other necessary precautions to ensure your loved one's safety at night. This may include having functioning locks, proper lighting, and a well-maintained home security system. Regular communication and clear expectations with the home sharer regarding nighttime security can further enhance safety measures. To learn more about Elder Home Share and the benefits it can bring to elderly people living alone read our homeowner FAQ page.



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