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Benefits of a Home Share Companion for the Elderly!

Today myself and David who I home shared with for two years were invited along to Ireland AM to share the benefits of having a home share companion in the home. Extended time at home as you age and security at night topped the list with the obvious benefits of having some practical help around the house and the friendship and evolves over the duration of the home share experience. Having lived with David myself as his home share companion I was touched to have him suit up at 7 am this morning so he could come along and support me and Elder Home Share on Ireland AM. He is a great sport and at 99 he was up for the adventure too.

Families who reach out to me who have an interest in securing a home share companion for their elderly parent or loved on are keen to find a solution for their parent’s security at night. The thought of a parent having a fall and no one being there to help is a worry we can all appreciated and relate to. It’s a very real issue too so having someone in the house at night to raise the alarm and intervene is key to making sure your mum or dad is not left without help.

Saoirse Sheridan and David Bell on Ireland AM

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I’m happy to report that I am still in contact with David even though our own home share came to an end some months ago – he is now in a great nursing home and is very happy. But for two years from the age of 96 to 98 he continued to live at home with the added support of having a home share companion in the house. Security at night, help around the house and a new friend too!

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