Our Friend The Fox #Gardenshare

Our Friend the fox has been sunning himself happily in the back garden for the past few weeks. He moves around to get the best spot and then settles down for a nap, one ear propped in the air to listen out for any unexpected things.

My 97 year old house mate and I love seeing him in the garden. Last week the two of us along with his carer were all lined up in the kitchen window taking pictures with our phones we were an odd gathering of paparazzi.... My house mate can now take pics with his phone! I taught him one night at the kitchen table.

Mr Fox generates lots of positive conversations and feelings. One of the children on the street drew a great picture of him and dropped it in the letter box. It's now framed and has a place of honor in the living room. Home sharing for me has been a real life saver as is garden sharing for this friendly city fox, who no doubt enjoys having a tranquil space all for himself.

Its great to be hearing such great ongoing feed back too from other home share matches. Jane* who lives with Ann* a 92 year old lady, was sharing with me on the phone last week that she has been bringing turf and rhubarb back to the house from her own mum's house in the country side. She shared that her and her elderly house mate have been sitting by turf fire's together, drinking tea and having great chats. They have become genuine friends in the course of their time together.

Its a heart warmer to hear these sweet tails of happy home sharing, and I'm loving having a fox in the garden too.

Elderhomeshare providing live in support for the elderly at home. Security, companionship and peace of mind - its a total winwin.

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