PhD Student shares her thoughts on Elderhomeshare and benefits for Elderly

Saoirse Sheridan's Elderhomeshare is an incredible bonus to the ageing population in Dublin and to the younger generations! I'm very appreciative of Saoirse's work, expanding the cross generational life style and support at home for elderly and seniors is a brilliant idea. It is a system I had advocated in France for my mother when she was still alive, a lovely way to mingle young and elderly people together and cater for each others needs. For the elder the service enables them to host a young person with whom to share a bit of company and it will secure an affordable place to stay for the latter. It's the principle of communicating vessels in a world where young and old need to reconnect and help each other out. It's also such a plus to communicate with the elderly, they are wonderful people. Besides, I myself am building up a social network of elderly people likely to accept being filmed on camera within the framework of my Ph-D, as I'm working of the Dublin dialect that is usually spoken by elderly Dubliner's. Saoirse was always very helpful sending me tips of people to connect with and recommending me to 'friends of the elderly' and charities such as Age Action where I met a happy bunch of knitting ladies who themselves gave me new outlets for my interviews. I hope to keep on expanding my network ! Saoirse always answered my requests in a very prompt and pleasant way, I can only but recommend her. Best wishes to her and to Elderhomeshare from France ! Lecomte Marie-Christine

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