Stale Bread & Entreprenurship

As a Entrepreneur sometimes money can be an issue, as in you have none, and rooting out enough for cup of coffee by going through several hand bags and jacket pockets becomes an art. But success is just around the corner 'sometimes'. Last Thursday afternoon I found myself in this dilemma, thankfully after a search I found what I was looking for - enough money for that very important cup of happiness. To top it off the same morning I was making myself some toast and I notice a smidgen of mould on one of the corners. Normally I would chuck it in the bin, but with funds running so low I broke it off. 'Rotten bread, no money what am I doing where am I going? I've made a terrible mistake and gone down the wrong track with my life'. Time for a walk in the fresh air to clear the head. Crossing O'Connell Bridge I got a call from The Sunday Independent looking for my thoughts on the rental crisis, they found my web site on line. Later that night, when I got into bed after spending some quality time with my elderhomeshare flat mate, who is 96. I got an email from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland telling me I am through to the next round of the 2016 Elevator Programme - Horai! I know I might have to dig around for coffee money again, I'm not sure about the stale bread it will probably go straight in the bin, but its actually alot of fun being an entrepreneur and sometimes quite glamorous :) Elderhomeshare cross generational living, support and company at home for the elderly, win win for home owners and tenants.

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