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If you choose to use this online service, you do so at your risk and cannot hold Elder Home Share accountable for any issues that may arise with the use of the service.  You agree that Elder Home Share is not accountable for the behavior and honesty of its users both accommodation seekers and older homeowners.  With the detailed information provided, you will carry out your background checks where required and use common sense and good judgment when selecting a potential match.  You agree both as a homeowner and accommodation seeker to behave in an upfront, honest and respectful manner at all times.As a user of this service, you handle all your communications with fellow members and will abide by the instructions and procedures that go with the use of this site.

Limitation of Liability

Agrees that with accordance with the law that you handle your use on this site and choose to use it as a responsible adult.  You agree to use this site by the rules laid down and will respect the processes in place.


You will not hold Elder Home Share its employees, owners or associates responsible for any difficulties that arise from the use of the site, and you will carry out background checks where necessary.


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